American Evangelistic Association


Established May 1954


FIRST: That we, the subscribers, John E. Douglas, whose post office address is 4007 Chesley Avenue, Baltimore 6, Maryland, Dr. N. Jerome Stowell, whose post office address is Route #2, Box 117, Kinta, Oklahoma, Rev. Vernon W. Miles, Sr., whose post office address is Box 234, Williamsport, Maryland, Rev. D. T. Johnson, whose post office address is 1111 Kirklynn, Tacoma Park, Maryland, and Rev. Anthony J. DeMarco, whose post office address is 2150 Susquehanna Trail, York, Pennsylvania, all being of fully legal age, do by virtue of our constitutional rights in the United States of America, hereby associate ourselves together with the intentions of forming a religious body.

SECOND: The name of this religious organization shall be the American Evangelistic Association.

THIRD: The purpose for which this Association is formed, and the business and objects to be carried on and promoted by, within the United States or any territory thereof, whether, presently or hereafter annexed or any foreign country or countries are as follows:

To publish, preach, and defend the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To do any and all things necessary thereto.

To operate kindergartens, intermediate schools, junior and senior high schools, colleges and business schools for the training of youth in a Christian environment.

To operate classes of all types for the training of workers and missionaries for the publishing and furthering of the teaching of the Word of God.

To conduct and operate schools and seminaries of all types for the training of ministers and Christian workers.

To ordain and consecrate ministers of the Gospel and to set up requirements for their course of study and to determine their fitness for the ministry.

To establish churches and congregations and to provide rules for the operation and conduct of the same.

To own and operate property and equipment for the publishing and distribution of pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, religious papers, and journals of all sort.

To own and operate radio and television stations for the conduct of religious and other programs.

To purchase, lease, or otherwise acquire, all or any part of the property of any corporation, co-partnership or individual (including the estate of a decedent).

To purchase, or otherwise acquire, hold, mortgage, pledge, sell, transfer, or in any manner encumber or dispose of goods, wares, merchandise, implements, and other personal property or equipment of any kind.

To purchase, lease or otherwise acquire, hold, develop, improve, mortgage, sell, exchange, let, or in any manner encumber or dispose of real property wherever acquired.

To receive and acquire property of all types, real, personal, and mixed and whatsoever situated by gift, grant or devise.

The afore-going enumeration of the purposes, objects and business of the Association is made in furtherance, and not in limitation of the powers conferred upon the Association by law, and is not intended, by the mention of any particular purpose, object or business, in any manner to limit or restrict the generality of any other purpose, object, or business mentioned, or to limit or restrict any of the powers of the Association. The Association is formed upon the Articles, Conditions, and Provisions herein expressed, and subject in all particulars to the limitations relative to religious bodies which are contained in the General Laws of the State.

FOURTH: The Post Office address of the principal place of Business of the Association is 2239 E. Fayette Street, Baltimore 31, Maryland.

FIFTH: The business of the Association shall be managed exclusively by an Executive Board of five (5) Directors who shall also be the officers of the Association which officers and directors shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of the members of the Association.

The membership of the Association shall be five (5) in number and the following persons shall serve as officers and members of the Association until the Annual Meeting, in May, 1957, or until their successors are duly chosen and qualified as provided for in the By-Laws of this Association.

President —————————— Rev. John E. Douglas, Jr., DD
Vice President ———————- Dr. N. Jerome Stowell
Second Vice President ——— Rev. Vernon Miles
Secretary —————————– Rev. Anthony J. DeMarco
Treasurer —————————- Rev. D. T. Johnson

The number of Executive Directors of the Association shall not be increased or decreased.

SIXTH: This Association is formed for Religious, Charitable and Eleemosynary purposes and shall have no capital stock, and is not authorized to issue the same.

SEVENTH: In furtherance and not in limitation of the powers conferred by the Board of Directors, they are expressly authorized to make and altar the By-Laws of this Association by a majority vote:

To direct and determine the use of all funds of the Association.

To enter into any contracts and agreements on behalf of the Association, for the furtherance of its purposes.

To remove or suspend any officer of the Association, and to fix, and from time-to-time, change their salaries and emoluments.

This Charter may be amended by the unanimous vote of the Board of Directors.

Current Administrative Board of Elders
Dr. Marjorie Douglas
Drs. Charles and Judy Farmer
Revs, Kerry & Tammy Fink

Current Post Office Address
P.O. Box 121000
West Melbourne, Florida 32912-1000

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